Friday, April 10, 2009

A bit on my progress...

For the record I don't get why I write this blog when no one reads it, but it's kind of nice to put my thoughts down in typed form.
So my Monk training has been going fairly wellish, I've been able to stick to all of the things I said I'd stick to, and that's good. I mean, writing has been a pain due to writer's block, but if I include the time I've spent at school writing it's been very good.
Which brings me to my third point, being that lately I've noticed that my writing tends to get inspired more by what I see and hear than anything else. Like... at school I seem to be able to come up with at least some things because of the fact that I can see and listen to and be near a large part of my inspiration, that being the silly thing we call "attractions" and "feelings" and crud. And so it becomes iffy, because when at home it really is hard to like, actually write anything. But still, so long as I can get something done it's all good.
So this has been a longer post than I would normally post, which is cool. Finally feel like I took some time to do this.

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