Thursday, April 2, 2009

In regards to the literacy test...

It is a piece of crap waste of time. Seriously. I mean, standardized tests in general are. But a standardized test we hafta take in Grade 10 that is judging us on stuff we did in like, grade 7 is not a good use of our time. I lost two and a half hours of my life because of the Ontario Government today, and for that they will pay.
Apparently there is a store in Montreal that is all about anarchy. I need to go there. Seriously. And then take a train all the way to Toronto, and then begin my war against the Ontario government. And then all hell will break loose, and with good reason.
Case in point here is that I like to waste time, but being forced to have my time wasted because of a standardized test enforced by the government? Now that is just wrong.

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